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blueplanet 60.0 TL3

Solar PV inverter for decentralised commercial and industrial solar power plants.

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blueplanet 60.0 TL3 - String inverter for C&I solar power plants

The blueplanet 60.0 TL3 builds on the proven technology and exceptional flexibility of its successful predecessor, blueplanet 50.0 TL3. With 20 percent more power, the new inverter offers an improved price per watt. Its technical features are aimed at high plant safety and saving additional material.

Make 3 out of 2

The blueplanet 60.0 TL3 absorbs large outputs from the PV generator at times of very high irradiation thanks to its overload capability: The overload on the DC side can be 1.5 times the AC power.

On the cutting edge

The blueplanet 60.0 TL3 handles a maximum short-circuit current of 190 amps. That means excellent usability with new high-power modules – including bifacial solar modules for agrophotovoltaic applications – which require great current stability.

Integrates what matters to you

The inverter is available in numerous versions to tailor it exactly to customer needs. Optional equipment, that can be retrofitted, adapt it even to changing requirements. The XL version integrates: DC overvoltage protection type 1+2, DC switch, 12 DC inputs, string fuse PV+.

The blueplanet 60.0 TL3 retains the familiar concept of built-in section switches. This saves external section switches for grid and plant protection, for which 4-digit amounts quickly add up. The Powador-protect takes over the control of the inverter section switches.

Your benefits at a glance

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