The inverters for the industrial PV revolution.

blueplanet 100 NX3 / 125 NX3

Solar PV inverters for large-scale commercial and industrial roofs.

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blueplanet 100 - 125 NX3

Thanks to flexible multi-MPPT technology, the blueplanet 100 NX3 M8 and 125 NX3 M10 are ideally suited for complex and irregular rooftop photovoltaic systems in commercial and industrial applications. To this end, the two solar PV inverters also offer many add-ons - and are compatible with bifacial as well as high-power PV modules.

Long-term profitability

SiC technology makes the blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 efficiency leaders. In addition, they ensure superior system yield and are particularly robust thanks to their specific component design.

Made in Germany

KACO new energy develops and manufactures the blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 at its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany. Since our suppliers are also largely from Europe, the inverters have an exceptionally small CO2 footprint.

Based on 25 years of experience, the development of our solar PV inverters is based on extensive testing programs exceeding the standard, as well as, modern cyber security technology. A wide range of services completes the overall package.

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Technical Highlights

Flexible icon

Flexible Two power ratings: 100 and 125 kVA for complex rooftops +++ 8/10 MPPTs for flexible PV system design (2 strings per MPPT) +++ 30 A input current per MPPT +++ Compatible with bifacial and high power PV modules

Efficient icon

Efficient Max. efficiency 99.1% +++ Wide DC voltage window: min. 250 V, max. 1000 V +++ Wide AC voltage range: 305 V – 560 V +++ Very late derating, no shutdown from 50 °C +++ Up to 200% DC oversizing +++ ≤ 60 db (A)

Reliable icon

Reliable IP66 rating for outdoor use +++ Integrated DC-switches +++ Test programs far above standard +++ With 4K26 climatic category for harsh environments +++ Vibration and shock tested

Smart icon

Smart High number of interface options: LAN / RS485 / USB +++ Reactive power at night possible +++ Set up via Wifi +++ AC Daisychaining with 2 devices +++ Sophisticated maintenance concept, e.g. fan replacement

Convenient icon

Convenient Lightweight: 85 kg +++ Only basic tools needed +++ SUNCLIX connectors +++ Compact wall mount design

Operation options and Installation