Independent and well supplied. With the backup power function.

The upgrade for your blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3

An outstanding feature of our hybrid inverter is the backup power function: You can supply your house day and night with up to 10 kilowatts on three phases from your energy storage system.

To use the backup power function, the following equipment must be installed:

If you are the system owner and these requirements are met, please contact a PV wholesaler or your installer to purchase the required software certificate. You can find a list of our distribution channels by clicking the following link:


If you have a KACO new energy customer number, you can purchase the software certificate using the form at the bottom of this page.

Retrofit? Of course!

The backup power function can be retrofitted at any time. Once the energy storage system has been approved by an installer, an existing system can also be upgraded.


Order backup power certificate

Please fill out the following form to purchase the software update for the backup power function of the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3:

No customer number? Please contact your installer or PV wholesaler to purchase the backup power certificate.
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File upload note

  • Only PDF files are permitted for submitting the proof of installation.
  • We recommend that you save the following PDF sample file locally on your computer and upload it to the form after you have completed it.
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