Storing the sun the easy way.

blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3

Hybrid inverter for private and small commercial energy storage and solar PV systems.

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Product image of blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3

You're willing to use the power of the sun? And combine it with an energy storage unit? KACO new energy's hybrid inverter is the ideal link between solar PV system and batteries, so that you can use your self-generated solar power as effectively as possible.

The double inverter

The blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 is a solar inverter and battery inverter in one and meets all conceivable requirements for your solar-powered energy storage system:

  • feed-in of the solar power into the grid
  • pure battery operation in case of power failure
  • control center of a solar-powered island grid (upcoming).

On the AC side, the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 feeds in asymmetrically on all three phases as required to compensate for unbalanced loads and relieve the power grid.


In addition to peak efficiencies of over 98 percent for feeding electricity into the grid and over 97 percent for charging and discharging batteries, the inverter also exhibits excellent partial load behaviour.

Your benefits at a glance

  • 10 kW inverter output, also in battery operation
  • 3-phase mains parallel operation, off-grid capable (upcoming)
  • 2 MPP trackers for flexible integration of solar PV systems
  • 98% efficiency, outstanding partial load behaviour
  • Integrated battery management and monitoring
  • Adapter plate and low weight for easy installation