Header Residential solar PV inverters

Inverters for residential PV and battery storage

The best idea for the private energy transition is a solar PV plant: Inverters from KACO new energy supply the appliances in homes with clean energy from one’s own rooftop power plant. This reduces the amount of electricity that homeowners are charged by the energy provider. Surplus solar energy can either be fed into the public grid, which is often being remunerated, or temporarily stored with the help of our hybrid inverter – to charge electric cars after sundown, for example.

All-round care

  • Wide range of power classes for plant sizes from 3 kW 
  • Flexibility for different roofs and system designs 
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Extensive standard features for communication and maintenance 

Efficient inverters. Smart accessories.

Smart energy for bright minds.

Here, contact our specialists to help you find the appropriate solar+storage system for powering your home or to back up your small business.


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