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Inverters for commercial and industrial PV and battery storage

Saving energy costs and reducing the CO2 footprint are important issues for companies. Three effective ways to achieve more energy efficiency are: Generating and consuming renewable energy with a low-maintenance solar PV plant – Integrating a battery storage system, for example to perform peak shaving – Reducing the need for expensive reactive power. KACO new energy supplies the right inverters for any and all of these measures. 

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  • Simple measures against surge protection  
  • Remote-triggered fireman's switches possible 
  • DC combiners to prevent AC lines on the roof  
  • Lean solution for grid and system protection  
  • Communication and monitoring via SunSpec Modbus TCP 
  • Compact reactive power inverter for new and existing plants 

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blueplanet 100 NX3 - 125 NX3

Solar PV inverters for large-scale commercial and industrial roofs: 100 M8 / 125 M10

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Pre- and After-Sales Services

Planning and design have a fundamental impact on how well your solar power plant will run: On request, our experts assist you in finding the optimum system layout. High-quality, practical training courses provide you with in-depth knowledge about our products. And for comprehensive after-sales-services, you can pick from various Operations and Maintenance modules:

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Cost meltdown

Vinterbro, Norway: The roof of a cold storage facility south of Oslo is Norway's first commercial solar power plant with 1500 V technology. PV components such as the blueplanet 92.0 TL3, which are designed for this higher voltage, allow longer module strings. Compared to 1000 V, this means lower cabling costs. The 2 MW system requires 22 inverters – which have also been developed to deliver full power during icy winters or high temperatures on the roof in summer. 
Photo: Solcellespesialisten

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