blueplanet 87.0 TL3 – 125 TL3

String inverters for commercial and industrial PV systems: 87.0 / 92.0 / 105 / 110 US / 125 US

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blueplanet 87.0 TL3 – 125 TL3-US - String inverters for commercial and industrial PV

Transformer saved? Check. 1500 Volt suitable? Check. Surge protection included? Check…

Start saving costs

The blueplanet 92.0 TL3 should meet most of your requirements. One reason for this: the line voltage of 400 V. It allows you to connect the inverter to the transformer on site - and combine it with the blueplanet 20.0 TL3 for additional MPP trackers.

You can implement grid and plant protection also without the usual costs: the necessary section switches are integrated in the blueplanet 92.0 TL3 and can be activated directly by the Powador-protect control unit. In addition, the inverter is suitable for both 1500 V and 1000 V PV modules.

The inverter has SPD type 1+2 arresters on the DC side to protect against overvoltage; the arresters for the AC side as well as the RS485 and Ethernet interfaces can be easily retrofitted.


The blueplanet 92.0 TL3 owes its high DC:AC design ratio of 1.5:1 to innovative silicon carbide power transistors. Their extreme thermal load capacity also makes it a "desert inverter" with late power derating. In the blueplanet 105 TL3 the thermal reserve is instead invested in 15 percent more power. You‘ve got the choice!

Simple maintenance also required? Check.

Your benefits at a glance

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Installation and Commissioning



Solar Albigna

Bregaglia, Switzerland: hydroelectric power has been generated here for over 70 years. Since September 2020, it is now the 670-meter-long Albigna dam itself that produces natural electricity at 2,100 meters above sea level. The modules of the 410 kWp solar power plant are mounted on the southern water side with an ideal angle for solar irradiation and sliding snow. In this way, the operator, Zurich-based energy service provider ewz, achieves a significantly higher energy yield than in the flat and midlands, and 50 percent of the expected annual yield in the "dark half of the year" alone. The suitable inverter from our portfolio, which simplifies installation and operation in this unusual location, is the blueplanet 92.0 TL3. Picture: ewz