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Virtual Central system design

A cost benefit

The Virtual Central approach is the
culmination of our strategy of reliable,
highly efficient single-MPPT string inverters.
Here you'll find all the arguments.

The cost benefit of the Virtual Central approach

Centrally installed string inverters in a PV system offer many advantages over distributed inverters at the end of each PV string:

  • Higher flexibility in PV plant design
  • Suitability for larger PV modules
  • Smart service and operation
  • Faster installation and commissioning
  • Superior yield and performance ratio

What if you could combine these advantages with a cost benefit from the outset? 

A thorough comparison shows CAPEX savings between panel and transformer of 8 to 10% and higher. Even if you use DC combiners, the bottom line is that the "Virtual Central" layout saves you money due to less AC wiring and lower AC voltages.

Our technical paper "Virtual Central approach of PV string inverters - a cost benefit" explores all the details. Click the following link to download it and feel free to contact our experts via the form at the bottom of the page:


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Are you curious whether your solar income can also be increased in the future? Explore the impressive Virtual Central benefits with a KACO new energy expert. We will introduce you to a free tool that allows you to calculate your project in both traditional decentralized and revolutionary Virtual Central designs - including analysis of wiring costs, inverter price and revenue gain. Use the contact form below and see for yourself!

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