Unmistakable. Powerful. Flexible.

blueplanet 50.0 NX3 / 60.0 NX3

Multi-MPPT solar PV inverters for commercial and industrial applications.

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blueplanet 50.0 - 60.0 NX3

Your benefits at a glance

  • Very flexible due to 5 MPP trackers for complex system designs
  • High energy yield through 150% oversizing of PV generator
  • Special properties for extreme environmental conditions
  • Lean commissioning and updates via App
  • Compatible with bifacial and high power PV modules
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Technical Highlights


Efficient icon

Efficient Max. efficiency 98,2% +++ Active cooling +++ Self-consumption <1W +++ Wide DC voltage window: min. 200 V, max. 1000 V +++ Shade management – improved generation under non-ideal conditions

Flexible icon

Flexible Two power ratings: 50 kVA / 60 kVA for particularly complex roof tops (incl. retrofit) +++ 5 MPPTs for flexible PV system design (2 strings per MPPT) +++ 40 A / 32 A input current per MPPT

Reliable icon

Reliable IP66 rating for outdoor use +++ Integrated DC-switch +++ International standards +++ With 4K4H climatic category for harsh environments +++ Zero feed-in function

Smart icon

Smart High number of communication options: LAN/ WiFi/ RS485 +++ Plug & Play concept +++ Smart monitoring via App

Convenient icon

Convenient Lightweight: 45 kg +++ Only basic tools needed +++ SUNCLIX connectors +++ No need to open lid +++ Compact, wall-mounted design

Operation options and Installation