Unmistakable. Powerful. Flexible.

blueplanet 50.0 NX3 / 60.0 NX3

Multi-MPPT solar PV inverters for commercial and industrial applications.

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blueplanet 50.0 - 60.0 NX3

The focus on renewable energies, especially solar energy, is crucial for reducing CO2 emissions and decarbonizing the industry. With the blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 solar PV inverters, KACO new energy presents a powerful duo that aims to boost sustainable energy supply in medium-sized businesses.

Flexibility meets profitability

The blueplanet 50.0 NX3 M5 and 60.0 NX3 M5 come into their own on supposedly unfavorable roofs: 5 MPP trackers and special shadow management enable flexible adaptation to complex roof landscapes. The high efficiency of the inverters, excellent 150% overloading and compatibility with high-power PV modules allow maximum yields from the solar power plant.

Numerous features for easy operation complete the picture of the modern plug-and-play inverter, including:

  • Sunclix connections
  • Many interfaces
  • Zero feed-in function
  • Commissioning and monitoring via app

The repowering inverters

Not born yesterday, but ready to start a revival: The blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 are predestined for repowering existing systems. With their state-of-the-art features and adaptability, they are the ideal replacement for older inverters of various origins: their performance class also makes them a suitable successor for some of KACO new energy's best-selling Powador inverters.

The look of power

To back up their claim, the inverters also score points with a new, unmistakable design. You can also look forward to further inverter series from KACO new energy's "Generation Y", which will be unmistakable thanks to the visual upgrade.

Vos avantages en un coup d'œil

  • Very flexible due to 5 MPP trackers for complex system designs
  • High energy yield through 150% oversizing of PV generator
  • Special properties for extreme environmental conditions
  • Lean commissioning and updates via App
  • Compatible with bifacial and high power PV modules
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