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blueplanet 125 TL3 – 165 TL3

String inverters for utility-scale solar power plants up to multi-megawatt solar parks: 125 / 137 / 150 / 155 / 165

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blueplanet 125 TL3 to 165 TL3 String inverters for utility-scale solar power plants up to multi-megawatt solar parks.

The blueplanet 165 TL3 is the simple connection between low investment costs and high return on investment of large solar power plants with 1500-volt technology.


For this purpose, the string inverter has an outstanding power density of over 2 kW/kg. Your advantages:

  • fewer inverters for the same power,
  • highly compact design for reduced transport costs,
  • light weight of less than 80 kg for easier installation.

Safe and secure

While you carry out commissioning and updates remotely via secure Ethernet communication, the inverter housing withstands harsh conditions such as dust, water jets and salt corrosion near the sea.

Protected in this way, exceptional efficiencies of over 99% ensure consistently high energy yields. The reason for this are innovative power transistors made of silicon carbide - whose thermal superiority also allows for an oversizing of the inverter’s AC power by 1.5 times.

Are you considering to use our inverters in desert regions? Then we recommend the 125 kVA / 137 kVA / 150 kVA units with their late power derating.

Your benefits at a glance

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Installation and Commissioning




Tatvan, Turkey: The first 40 models of the blueplanet 125 TL3 went into operation at the beginning of July 2019. The 5 MW solar park is located on the western shore of Lake Van - the largest lake in Turkey as well as the largest soda lake in the world, with a particularly high salt content. But since the inverter's stainless steel screws and hinges prevent rust due to salty air, there is nothing to worry about if a salty breeze blows from Lake Van.

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