Champions in the name of progress

Every journey begins with a first step. KACO takes this step back in 1914 when the company is founded in Heilbronn by Gustav Bach, Albert Hirth and Gustav Klein. The company focusses on the production of engine seals, shaft seal rings and electro-mechanical choppers, the precursors of today's inverters. In the 1950s, KACO is the world's largest manufacturer of electromechanical choppers and produces the first thyristor inverter.

Turning towards the sun

In the 1990s, KACO expands its developments in the photovoltaics field. This promising sector creates so much enthusiasm and innovative spirit that in 1998 a separate company is formed with Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Hofmann at the helm: KACO Gerätetechnik GmbH. By the following year the company has already launched onto the market the world's first transformerless solar PV inverter.

In the 2000s, the company relocates its headquarters to Neckarsulm, changes its name to KACO new energy GmbH and founds further subsidiaries in Europe as well as in North America, Asia and Africa. Today, KACO new energy is one of the world's largest manufacturers in the solar PV sector. It is a Swabian success story!

Milestones - past to present



Company founded in Heilbronn by Gustav Bach, Albert Hirth and Gustav Klein



In addition to engine seals and shaft seal rings, the product range is based around choppers, the precursors of today's solar PV inverters.



KACO is the world's largest manufacturer of electromechanical choppers.



KACO manufactures the first thyristor inverter.



Initial developments in photovoltaics.



After forming the spin-off company, KACO Gerätetechnik GmbH, the world's first transformerless photovoltaic string inverter is launched onto the market,
the PVI 2600.



Expansion: The company relocates its headquarters to Neckarsulm and opens a logistics centre in neighbouring Erlenbach as well as a research and development centre in Kassel. Formation of the first overseas subsidiary in San Francisco.



The company is the first manufacturer in the sector to implement the CO2-neutral production of inverters.



Introduction of the first transformerless, 3-phase string inverter in the 30-kW class, Powador 30000xi.



Change of name: KACO Gerätetechnik GmbH becomes KACO new energy GmbH.



At the Neckarsulm site, two state-of-the-art, energy efficient plants are created.



First product solutions for energy storage systems.



Double anniversary: 100 years of KACO and 15 years of KACO new energy.



The inverter power sold exceeds 10 gigawatts, equivalent to the output of 7 medium-sized nuclear power plants.



Acquisition of Energy Depot, a German storage provider. blueplanet 125 TL3: First string inverter with novel SiC semiconductors for 1500 volt PV modules



Siemens AG Germany acquires 100% of the shares of KACO new energy GmbH effective 30th of April 2019.

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