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blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S

Bidirectional battery inverter based on SiC technology for commercial and industrial energy storage.

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blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S

Maximising your return on invest

The blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S is the first battery inverter to incorporate silicon carbide (SiC) power modules. The advantages of SiC manifest themselves in superior efficiencies of up to 98.8 percent. Contrary to PV, the energy within a storage system has to flow through the inverter twice – charging and discharging the batteries. Hence, the better the inverter’s efficiency the more energy can be delivered out of the system.

Easy to handle innovation

Another advantage of SiC is lower heat loss. Thus, components such as power inductors and heat sinks could be dimensioned smaller: This results in a comparatively low weight of 80 kilograms for easier installation.

Open communication standard

The blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S is controlled by a supervisory energy management system (EMS) via Sunspec Modbus TCP. This widely used interface allows you to easily meet individual requirements in the design of the storage application.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Introducing silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor modules on the energy storage market
  • Optimised thermal behaviour for hot climates
  • High efficiency, also in the partial load range
  • High system flexibility, AC as well as DC parallel operation possible
  • Reactive power capable
  • Easy to control through open communication standard
  • Pre-charge version and other variants available
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