KACO new energy supplies Israel's first grid-connected industrial energy storage facility

German technology for groundbreaking 1 MWh energy storage project

Israel's first grid-connected all-in-one industrial energy storage facility has gone online earlier this spring. It supplies green energy to one of the leading renewable technology oriented Kibbutz in the country, Kibbutz Maale-Gilboa. KACO new energy GmbH from Neckarsulm, Germany, has provided important key components for this groundbreaking project.

Industrial energy storage in Kibbutz Maale-Gilboa, Israel

Energy storage cubes

Battery cube in Kibbutz Maale Gilboa, Israel

Battery racks

Battery inverter blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S

A power grid at the limit
Kibbutz Maale-Gilboa is located in the north of the country and is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy technology. Already today, a major part of the power supply comes from renewable energy sources. This pushes the power transferred to the grid to the limit on days with high solar irradiation due to hard limitations of energy transfer in the power lines. To counteract this, and to ensure the further expansion of renewable energies, Doral Group, Israel’s premier renewable energy developer and systems owner with the country’s biggest energy storage projects backlog, broke new ground with an innovative concept and a comprehensive approach.

State-of-the-art industrial storage supports the grid
The newly installed energy storage facility with 1 MWh of storage capacity and nearly 400 kW of power stores excess energy from PV, wind and bio-gas and feeds it back into the local grid when needed, for example for peak shaving, to relieve the strain on the power grid. At the heart of the system are four blueplanet gridsave 92.0 TL3-S battery inverters. KACO new energy’s made in Germany inverters were provided by Altitude, the manufacturer’s exclusive distributor in Israel. The battery inverters, based on cutting-edge silicon carbide technology, each have a capacity of 92 kilowatts. As bidirectional inverters, they handle the demand-controlled charging and discharging of state-of-the-art batteries from BMW. Communication is based on Modbus TCP and the Open EMS energy management system. Leading German system integrator Fenecon perfectly matched these and other components and installed, tested and commissioned the system on site.

Maximum availability with minimum maintenance
The system represents the first all-in-one solution for grid-connected industrial storage in Israel. Fenecon's custom tuning of components enables efficient, low-maintenance operation for years. In addition, the modular design of the system with string battery inverters and multiple batteries ensures high availability. In this way, the expansion of renewable energies in Kibbutz Maale-Gilboa can be continued.


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