Big system?

Less costs. High yields.

The simple connection between
low investment costs and
fast return-on-investment
of utility-scale solar power plants.

With the blueplanet 155 TL3 and 165 TL3, KACO new energy is targeting builders and operators of utility-scale solar parks. The two new inverters are further developments with 15 percent more power than their predecessor models.

The power density of these 'high power' variants thus climbs to an outstanding 2 kW/kg. The advantages of this:

  • same system performance is achieved with less equipment,
  • highly compact design for reduced transport costs,
  • low weight of less than 80 kg for easier installation.

Around 10% CAPEX costs are saved by implementing our "Virtual Central" layout when designing solar parks. Here, our string inverters are installed in a centralized technical zone. Even if that means using additional DC combiners, savings come in the end from less AC wiring and lower AC voltages.

    Superior energy yields also allow for:

    • efficiencies up to 99.1%,
    • 1.5 times the AC power of the inverter,
    • input currents up to 300 A, suitable for current high power PV modules.

    What the new devices share with their predecessors: For demanding installation locations, the inverters' enclosures withstand dust, water jets and salt corrosion near the sea. Commissioning and updates are possible remotely via secure Ethernet communication. Overvoltage protection for the DC side comes as standard equipment; on the AC side and for the communication interfaces, it can be easily retrofitted due to the pre-installed fuse holders. 

    More information is available in the data sheet or by sending us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.


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