Solar PV

For solar parks with 1000 V technology, the proven blueplanet 50.0 TL3 string inverter is available as part of a turnkey system together with optional inverter mounting rack, DC combiners and a pre-assembled control container that houses AC low-voltage distribution, medium-voltage transformer and switchgear.

1500 V technology opens up substantial cost-saving opportunities in utility-scale solar power plants. To help you use the full potential, KACO new energy offers three turnkey systems based on the blueplanet 125 TL3. The string inverter comes with best-in-class efficiency and is equipped with silicon-carbide semiconductors that have superior thermal behavior for installation in demanding environments.

Energy Storage

There’s a growing trend to gain more control over one’s energy supply, or to bring the self-consumption of solar energy to new heights. To this end, KACO new energy now offers an energy storage system for home owners and small businesses. The complete package saves you time and money by including the hybrid inverter, batteries and power switch.