Orchestrating the future of energy storage

White paper on the benefits of string inverters for battery storage

Energy storage's critical role in our transition to a carbon-neutral future is becoming more and more obvious. We have known for some time that in order to have any hope of attaining our net zero ambitions, we will require massive volumes of energy storage. Our new white paper explores the real and innovative advantages that string inverters provide for battery storage systems through their high performance, extraordinary flexibility, and ease of use.

String Inverters: Orchestrating the Future of Energy Storage

Energy storage is urgently needed to support renewable energy sources, stabilize local grids and reduce energy prices. Supply chain and geopolitical issues have made this need even more urgent. The cheapest form of energy production on the planet, solar power, should be combined with battery storage. This is a logical and necessary decision.

String inverters dominate solar PV

String inverters have already established themselves as the go-to power electronics platform for photovoltaics. Due to the relatively small size of systems, string inverters have historically dominated the residential and C&I industries. However, we are currently observing a definite shift in favor of string inverters in the utility sector.

Large-scale utility PV projects were built with string inverters despite the fact that doing so required a higher capital investment because of their superior performance and ease of maintenance as string inverters with higher power ratings were introduced to the market over the course of the last decade.

The benefits of string inverters for battery storage

Due to their technological benefits and better energy outputs, string inverters are still the preferred choice today. As a result of the ability to be constructed using a so-called virtual central design, they are now frequently just as affordable to construct on a plant level as central inverters, if not less expensive.

We argue the case for string inverters to become part of the best practise - and to play "first violin" - when it comes to building high value, long lasting energy storage projects, as well.



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