Hybrid inverter from KACO new energy again with top ranking in energy storage comparison

Modular energy storage system convinces with efficiency, fastest control and island operation for full energy self-sufficiency.

Neckarsulm, 22 July 2021 – In its current "Energy Storage Inspection", the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) voted the system around the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 among the top three for the second time after 2020. Especially with regard to the best control rate, the inverter from KACO new energy GmbH was able to distance itself from the competition. The modular concept is designed for stand-alone operation and thus fully capable of emergency power supply.

blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3

Top again in 2021: The blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 scores well in the HTW Berlin's energy storage inspection.

Domus 2.5 Battery
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In 2021, the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 has once again scored highly in the HTW Berlin's "Energy Storage Inspection": With a System Performance Index (SPI) of just under 94 percent, it has positioned itself among the top three in the field of 20 systems tested. With the SPI, the HTW has defined a reference value in order to be able to meaningfully compare the overall performance of energy storage systems despite the diversity of offerings and to measure customer benefits. Based on this rating system, HTW annually screens the market and publishes its results. 

"Since HTW is concerned with a comparison of the entire storage system, the ‘teamwork’ of the components among each other is what matters most: It should therefore be emphasized that our hybrid inverter was able to repeat last year's excellent result this time – as a European system, so to speak – with DOMUS batteries from Energy Depot Swiss GmbH," says Peter Winter, Sales Manager at KACO new energy. 

The HTW laboratory tests are based on the "Efficiency Guide for PV Storage Systems" and simulate the operation of an entire year, thus mapping all relevant operating states. The system from KACO new energy competed in the 10 kWp power class and made it into efficiency class A of the inspection under the conditions mentioned. It further distinguishes itself by high efficiencies, the fastest control with a response time of 0.3 seconds and a standby power consumption of only one watt. This is also one of the best values by far: No precious solar power is wasted here. The blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 works with purely passive cooling. No fan means no power consumption, no noise and no maintenance.

Full self-sufficiency thanks to backup power in stand-alone mode
The blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 and its storage unit are designed as a three-phase modular offgrid system. As such, it is capable of black-starting and can supply emergency power with its entire output in stand-alone mode to completely replace the grid. It thus opens up energy autonomy and energy self-sufficiency to every household. 

The inverter is full of sophisticated features and yet is as quick as it is easy to put into operation. It automatically detects the connected battery and then starts up independently. This makes installation a real plug-and-play.

The storage system – smart, safe and flexible
Storage solutions from KACO new energy work optimally in combination with the batteries from the Swiss manufacturer Energy Depot. The DOMUS 2.5 model explicitly matches the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3. In its basic configuration, the system is supplied with two of these storage units, corresponding to 5 kWh of usable capacity. Thanks to the modular concept, it can be easily expanded at any time. Roland Burkhardt, Managing Director of Energy Depot, comments: "We always develop our products with a view to their real-life suitability. Life is colorful and requirements change – an energy storage system should always be able to adapt to this easily. We developed our intelligent battery management system with the same thought in mind, which ensures that the batteries have a long service life even with typical everyday use." The battery uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material; because of this it also guarantees maximum safety even in the event of improper use or fault conditions.

As a team, the products from KACO new energy and Energy Depot make up an optimal storage system; nevertheless, the blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3 is also fully compatible with batteries from other well-known manufacturers, such as BYD's Battery-Box Premium.

The test results from HTW Berlin can be found at: www.stromspeicher-inspektion.de  

About Energy Depot:
We want to make energy storage as simple, safe and efficient as possible. Our experience goes back far before the founding year 2014. As early as 1985, company founder Roland Burkhardt worked in solar cell research at the University of Konstanz. The first grid-connected solar system was installed in 1989, followed by the first in-house manufactured inverter in 1996 and the first transparent solar cell production in 1999.
The range of renewable energy sources is diverse. Especially in the areas of photovoltaics and wind, there are strong temporal power fluctuations in generation. Therefore, we are committed to the efficient storage of energy to enable continuous use. We work for an energy production from 100% renewable energies. More at www.energydepot.ch/ 

About KACO new energy:
KACO new energy, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, is headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inverters for grid-feed solar power. The product line-up recommends itself for the full power spectrum from PV systems for single-family homes and commercial and industrial enterprises to solar parks producing megawatts of electricity. Since 1999, KACO new energy has supplied inverters with a cumulative power output of more than 16 gigawatts. In addition to grid-tied string inverters, the product range also includes hybrid and battery inverters for energy storage, accessories for grid management and operations and maintenance services. KACO new energy is the first company in the photovoltaic industry to achieve CO2-neutral production. In 2014, KACO new energy celebrated the 100th birthday of the original parent company which, at the end of the 1930s, was one of first ever inverter manufacturers. More at www.kaco-newenergy.com/ 


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