Holland’s largest rooftop PV plant operational.

Sustainable energy use in industry with inverters from KACO new energy.

Neckarsulm, 29. June 2017 – With a power of 9.3 megawatts, the largest solar roof in the Netherlands can be found on a warehouse and production centre in Vianen. Inverters from KACO new energy have been used to harmonise finance and climate concerns.

Outdoor installation of the inverters on Holland's largest solar roof. Click image for high-res pictures.

Royal Dekker, based in The Hague, is a supplier of wood, composite and aluminium products, with its own forestry business. The company, which is well known both nationally and beyond, has taken up the cause of sustainable forest management and efficient energy use to improve their climate footprint. Part of this approach is a solar power plant that has recently been installed on the roofs of its largest warehouse and production centre, in Vianen in the central Netherlands.

Photovoltaic modules with a total power of 9.3 megawatts cover 26 roofs with a cumulative surface area of over 155,000 m² – the Netherlands’ largest rooftop photovoltaic plant to date. The solar power is fed into the building's electricity network via 140 decentralised string inverters from Neckarsulm-based manufacturer KACO new energy. Since mid-June, Royal Dekker has been able to cover more than 90 per cent of the power required for in-house consumption in Vianen from climate-friendly solar energy – significantly reducing its CO2 footprint.

Switch Energy B.V., responsible for technical and financial planning, and the wholesaler BC Solar opted for inverters of the type blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT with a power output of 50 kilowatts. “KACO new energy is an established German vendor that supplies inverters at a good price/performance ratio. These are powerful arguments for getting our customers the best deals as regards finance and insurance,” says Bart Luters from Switch Energy.

About Switch Energy:

Due to the unavoidable trend towards renewable solar energy, the projects grow bigger and with more complexity. Not only technical, but also fiscal implications, funding and subsidy opportunities, make a good business case, which brings all aspects into consideration, indispensable. Switch Energy B.V. has a team of dedicated experts working in tandem with the entire supply chain of solar energy. This allows Switch Energy to control all aspects of the business case and together with the company’s digital process brings transparency and simplicity for its customers. More at www.switchenergy.nl 

About BC Solar:

BC Solar, a Dutch PV wholesaler located in Rotterdam, offers its customers a wide variety of PV modules, inverters and mounting systems. The company’s mission is to cooperate with the solar entrepreneur to expand their growth by 3 base principles: best price compared to quality, technical support and strategic support in financing the realization of the projects. More at www.bc-solar.nl

About KACO new energy:

KACO new energy is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inverters for grid feed-in of solar power. Its product range covers the full power spectrum, from systems designed for a single family home to those for solar parks that produce megawatts of electricity. Since 1999, KACO, based in Neckarsulm, Germany, has supplied inverters with a cumulative power output of nine gigawatts. KACO new energy is the first company in the photovoltaic industry to achieve CO2-neutral production. Our technology offering extends from grid- and battery-connected solar inverters to inverters for combined heat and power plants and concentrator modules, as well as energy storage systems for solar power systems. In 2014 the firm celebrated the 100th birthday of the original parent company that, at the end of the 1930s, was one of first ever inverter manufacturers. More at www.kaco-newenergy.com 

Further information: www.dekkerhout.nl


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