Every commercial roof a PV power plant with flexible solar technology from KACO new energy

Sustainable energy supply and maximum profitability with the blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 solar PV inverters

Neckarsulm, April 23, 2024 – KACO new energy presents a new inverter duo for two major areas of photovoltaic application: solar roofs for commercial and industrial enterprises and the repowering of existing systems. The blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 provide flexibility and profitability thanks to five MPP trackers as well as yield-enhancing technologies such as shadow management and compatibility with high-power PV modules.

Solar PV inverter blueplanet 60.0 NX3

blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and blueplanet 60.0 NX3: The new inverter duo from KACO new energy for commercial solar roofs and the repowering of photovoltaic systems.

Logo 25 years

In 2024, KACO new energy celebrates its 25th anniversary.

With the blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3, KACO new energy is launching two solar PV inverters that are tailored to the challenges of complex commercial and industrial roofs. The Germany-based inverter specialist continues its strategy of making it easier for medium-sized companies to switch to a renewable energy supply.

Commercial roofs for a sustainable energy supply
"Anyone who was previously concerned that a photovoltaic system on a company roof might not pay off due to unfavorable roof constructions will be persuaded to rethink this thanks to the possibilities of the new blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3," says Robert Leeb, Product Lifecycle Manager at KACO new energy.

The blueplanet 50.0 NX3 M5 and 60.0 NX3 M5 are both equipped with five MPP tracker; two module strings can be connected to each of the five inputs. The inverters therefore offer sufficient flexibility for complex roof landscapes, accommodating both angled roofs and partial roof areas. Shading caused by roof structures such as chimneys is countered by shade management, delivering improved energy yields in non-ideal ambient conditions. Furthermore, the inverters are able to feed in from 200 volts in low light conditions.

In order to achieve economic goals, it is advisable to rely on efficient solar modules in addition to flexible and powerful inverters. With an input current of up to 40 amps per MPP tracker, the blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 are compatible with high-performance modules with 182 mm (M10) and 210 mm (M12) wafers. These have established themselves as the standard for commercial and industrial solar power plants and ground-mounted solar parks.

Upgrading existing systems through repowering
Inverters and solar modules are also the preferred starting points when it comes to repowering existing systems. Operators benefit from higher yields when using a new, more powerful inverter. Thanks to their flexibility and compatibility, the blueplanet 50.0 NX3 and 60.0 NX3 are particularly suitable for this purpose. Their performance class makes them the ideal replacement for some of KACO new energy's best-selling Powador inverters.

25 years of KACO new energy: a Swabian success story in the solar industry
After a quarter of a century of innovation, commitment, and a clear vision for a sustainable energy future, KACO new energy is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a pioneer in the solar industry in 2024. 

Find out more by visiting KACO new energy at The smarter E Europe: Booth B3.110.

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About KACO new energy
KACO new energy, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, is a German manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems and battery storage. The product range of solar PV inverters covers the full power spectrum for systems ranging from single-family homes to multi-megawatt solar parks. Since 1999, the Neckarsulm-based company has supplied over 900,000 inverters with a cumulative output of 20 gigawatts. KACO new energy was the first company in the photovoltaic industry to produce its inverters CO2-neutrally. In 2024, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 2014, the company celebrated the 100th anniversary of the original parent company, which was
one of first ever inverter manufacturers back in the 1930s. More at https://kaco-newenergy.com/


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