Efficiency has a new name

blueplanet 125 TL3

How a cost-optimised 5 MW solar park in Turkey
employs the advantages of 1500 V technology and 
innovative silicon carbide inverters for the first time.

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Siemens and KACO new energy – new technologies for the power of the future

KACO new energy is now part of Siemens AG. Together, we want to tackle the challenges of making photovoltaics, energy storage and electric vehicles more efficient and cost-effective.

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We turn passion into power

The term "Made in Germany" has been around as a seal of quality since the end of the 19th century. In its history of over 100 years, the KACO group of companies has always met the highest quality standards. On this sound footing, KACO new energy has from conviction become a leader in the solar PV industry from 1998 on. With our inverters and storage solutions, we will today turn your investment in energy efficiency into a success story.

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