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Multi-MPPT vs. Single-MPPT

Are there system configurations 
and locations that justify the use 
of inverters with multiple MPP trackers?


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The Virtual Central trick

How you can save 10% 
on balance-of-system costs
with our centrally installed 
single-MPPT string inverters.

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Top Brand PV

Award for KACO new energy

Top Brand PV

Independent survey of installers
certifies our status as Top Brand PV
in six core European markets.


Grid edge

The interface where prosumers and consumers meet the intelligent grid

Technologies at the grid edge enable new opportunities for our energy systems. Digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization – as three key drivers for energy transition – allow the energy production, storage and consumption to be more sustainable, efficient and beneficial for our society and the environment. Find out more about how solutions at the grid edge help to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, infrastructures and industries in an intelligent and sustainable manner.


We turn passion into power

The term "Made in Germany" has been around as a seal of quality since the end of the 19th century. In its history of over 100 years, the KACO group of companies has always met the highest quality standards. On this sound footing, KACO new energy has from conviction become a market leader for solar PV inverters from 1998 on – and will today turn your investment in photovoltaics and energy storage into a success story.

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