Repowering: simple and customized

Retrofit solar PV systems with blueplanet inverters from KACO new energy

By 2016, it was several 100,000 Powador inverters by KACO new energy alone that had been installed worldwide. For many of these older solar PV systems, the time has therefore come to think about repowering. When replacing the inverter, you benefit from a more modern, more powerful device; this is reflected in new functions as well as higher yields from the PV plant. In addition, the new inverter naturally comes with a fresh warranty.

How to find the suitable repowering inverter

The following table shows you examples which new blueplanet NX3 inverters you can use to replace Powador devices and other aging inverters.


The integrated RS485 and Ethernet interfaces, communication via KACO RS485 or SunSpec Modbus-based protocols and compatibility with monitoring solutions from meteocontrol allow for a wide range of options for repowering with our blueplanet inverters.

A detailed design of which current inverter from KACO new energy fits your system configuration can be made with the blueplanet PV-designer.

Start your repowering design 


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If you have any further questions, for example how inverters from other manufacturers can be exchanged, our customer service will be happy to receive your call at +49 7132 896-1000. In this way, we can work with you to address any special features of your solar PV system and provide you with targeted advice.

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