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Protection device and management unit for grid management of solar PV plants.

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Product image Powador-protect

Low voltage guidelines in a growing number of European countries stipulate the deployment of external interface switches or substations from 30 kVA upwards. Cost wise, this can easily run into four-figure sums for material, installation and operation.

The advantage of integrated inverter section switches

This is not the case with the Powador and blueplanet string inverters from KACO new energy: section switches are already built into all devices as standard. You only need the Powador-protect which directly controls these internal switches. For EPCs, specifiers and designers of PV installations this means

  • simple, no-risk calculations
  • no hidden additional AC hardware costs
  • no recurrent operating expenses.

On top of that, Powador-protect evaluates the signals from ripple control receivers and transmits these to up to 31 inverters. The Powador-protect itself can be quickly installed, is easy to handle and is therefore the most economic solution on the market.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Grid and system protection
  • Individual voltage and frequency adjustment
  • Triggering of the inverter's integrated section switches, no additional AC-side costs
  • Minimum amount of cabling required in the meter cabinet and the sub-distribution
  • Integrated ripple control receiver connection
  • Easy incorporation into the feed-in management without additional costs
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