Solar energy in maritime regions

Protection against salt air corrosion now standard in selected inverters

Solar energy near the sea

What tourists love for a healthy tan, is salt on the skin and a fresh sea breeze; for inverters in a solar PV installation, however, this combination would lead to harmful corrosion. Many of KACO new energy's inverters are therefore optionally available as an OD+ version to withstand long-term exposure to salty air.

We have even gone a step further: The appropriate housing and the use of non-corrosive screws and hinges from stainless steel are now standard features of the following string inverters: blueplanet 15.0 TL3 and 20.0 TL3, blueplanet 87.0 TL3 to 150 TL3. As a result, customers will be able to benefit from solar power generation close to the sea – the minimum distance to the coast can be reduced to 500 metres as compared to 2000 metres before.

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