Make short work of long cables

New combiner boxes for the complete range of your solar PV projects

KACO new energy uses combiner boxes for flexibility in system design and specific safety aspects in C&I PV systems and utility-scale solar power plants. We have modernised our range of DC combiners in order to respond even more specifically to customer requirements.

All new combiner boxes

  • are designed for a DC system voltage of 1000 V to 1500 V,
  • allow direct connection of the DC strings to the fuse holders and the pre-installed string connectors,
  • offer string monitoring and surge protection,
  • can be equipped with a flexible number of DC inputs.

With customized DC combiners it is also possible, for example, to implement arc fault detection and the rapid shutdown or fireman's switch function, as well as to select the fuse protection on the plus and minus sides so that you can use bifacial solar modules.

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