Using KACO new energy inverters worldwide now even more convenient thanks to new modular software.

Neckarsulm, 14. July 2016 – The elegantly updated V3.25 software assists customers two-fold: to access markets and for remote access. The list of country settings and certificates continues to grow too.

The key to smart commissioning in all markets; the concentrated intelligence of the V3.25 modular software is the power behind the graphic display.

It is no secret that you cannot really tell the difference between modern inverters apart from "traditional ones" by the hardware, but rather by the intelligence behind the software. As a future-oriented manufacturer, KACO new energy has now completely organised its software in a modular fashion, meaning that every functional unit in the inverter has its own discreet software module.

KACO new energy started this process in the winter of 2014/2015 when it introduced the new blueplanet inverters – modular software was incorporated into the appliances of the TL1 and the blueplanet 5.0 to 9.0 TL3 series from the start – and this is now being extended to include the remaining inverters. All of the stand-alone appliances in the Powador series right up to the Powador 72.0 TL3 Park have been completed and the remaining inverters up to the Powador 20.0 TL3 are next on the agenda.

The newly-structured software certainly comes with numerous advantages to the customer: Above all else, individual appliances and whole ranges can be brought quicker into line with the specific requirements of new markets because it is only necessary to modify or adapt individual modules. Furthermore, if an update is necessary, the software looks for it itself and downloads it to its memory.

Configuration, as well as updates can be conveniently carried out via Ethernet and the internal webserver. The software contains monitoring which informs the operator if the surge protection has tripped. It also allows for country-specific settings which may be necessary to regulate feed-in limitations and simplifies the user-defined, frequency-dependent power control.

In line with the new V3.25 software, the list of country settings and certificates for the aforementioned appliance range has also grown, with clearance for South Africa and Thailand, to mention but a few. Apart from that, the new software contains settings which conform to the German BDEW directive governing feed-in in the medium-voltage grid.

About KACO new energy:

KACO new energy is amongst the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters. With offices in 16 countries, the company offers inverters for every array size from the smallest homes to the largest solar farms of hundreds of Megawatts. KACO new energy is based in Neckarsulm, near Stuttgart, Germany and the production facilities there, in the Americas and Asia have supplied around eight Gigawatts of inverters since 1999. The company was the first inverter manufacturer to achieve fully carbon-neutral production and is rapidly heading towards power self-sufficiency. KACO new energy also supplies energy storage systems and battery inverters, as well as inverters for PV-Diesel hybrid systems and combined heat and power plants. In 2014, KACO new energy celebrated the centenary of the original company which was one of the first suppliers of inverters in the late 1930s. Read more at


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