The be-all and end-all for inverter stations.

blueplanet 750-1000 TL3 indoor

Transformerless central inverters for indoor installation in large-scale solar power plants.

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Product image of the Cntral Inverter blueplanet 750 - 1000 TL3 indoor

The blueplanet 750 TL3, 875 TL3 and 1000 TL3 indoor have been conceived so that they can be integrated into concrete or steel stations together with medium voltage transformer and other components with ease and simplicity.

Three inverters for flexible system planning

This inverter series comes in a range of outputs which makes it easy for you to use available space in your solar park to the full.

The blueplanet 750 TL3 and 875 TL3 with their corresponding rated outputs of 750 kW and 875 kW can boast an apparent AC power of 1,000 kVA. These characteristics make it easy to overcome hurdles if your park is subject to requirements governing reactive power or excess current.

Your benefits at a glance

  • 98.5% efficiency
  • Continuous full output power at ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C
  • 1,100 V system voltage
  • Reactive power at night (optional)
  • Digitally controlled, Pre-configured country settings
  • Continuous, remote monitoring