Maximum profitability with KACO advanced technology for complex solar roofs

blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 solar PV inverters deliver 99.1% efficiency and profitability despite challenging roof architectures

Neckarsulm, February 22, 2024 – With the blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 solar PV inverters, KACO new energy presents a pioneering solution for photovoltaic systems in commercial and industrial applications. The inverters ensure a high level of profitability for complex solar roofs and provide unique advantages such as 200 percent oversizing and efficiency of 99.1 percent. Adhering to KACO’s commitment to the production of sustainable products, the inverters are produced in a climate-friendly manner at the company headquarters in Neckarsulm.

Solar PV inverter blueplanet 125 NX3

Solar PV inverters with multi-MPPT technology for large-scale commercial and industrial roofs: blueplanet 100 NX3 M8 and blueplanet 125 NX3 M10.

25 years logo

In 2024, KACO new energy celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Developed specifically to support operators and installers facing the challenge of complex roof architectures, KACO new energy has introduced the blueplanet 100 NX3 M8 and 125 NX3 M10 solar PV inverters. These pioneering inverters mark another significant milestone in domestic inverter production and underline KACO new energy's commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Advanced solutions for complex roofs

The two inverters are characterized by eight and ten MPP trackers respectively. The flexibility from these numerous inputs makes them the ideal solution for photovoltaic systems on irregular commercial roofs.

Additionally, the blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 enable the use of the latest generation of high-performance PV modules and offer an exceptional 200 percent oversizing on the DC side – a market feature that was realized by KACO new energy at the customer's request. This feature allows consistently high power at the input of the inverters and a steeper rise in the power curve.

Cutting-edge technology ensures profitability

The blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 use silicon carbide (SiC) as a semiconductor. This enables higher switching frequencies and a higher temperature tolerance. As a result, the inverters achieve an unrivaled efficiency of 99.1 percent and have a flat power derating. Even at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, they do not switch off – unlike comparable devices – but merely gradually reduce their output.

Jens-Ole Kück, CEO of KACO new energy, said: "As KACO new energy develops and manufactures the blueplanet 100 NX3 and 125 NX3 at its headquarters in Neckarsulm, they have an exceptionally small CO2 footprint. This drive for sustainability is central to our ethos, as is our desire to push the boundaries for performance. We have therefore also implemented extensive test programs that go far beyond the standard. KACO new energy is therefore currently the only manufacturer that develops and produces inverters of this kind in Germany."

To ensure the safety and stability of the yields, KACO new energy relies not only on robust hardware, but also on sophisticated software. In cooperation with parent company Siemens, all software processes are subject to a risk analysis and all software components are tested in advance and on an ongoing basis. Data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and the EU.

25 years of KACO new energy: a Swabian success story in the solar industry

After a quarter of a century of innovation, commitment, and a clear vision for a sustainable energy future, KACO new energy is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a pioneer in the solar industry in 2024.

The development of the blueplanet 100 NX3 M8 and 125 NX3 M10 further underlines KACO’s leadership in domestic inverter production. Find out more by visiting KACO new energy at The smarter E Europe: Booth B3.110.

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About KACO new energy
KACO new energy, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, is a German manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems and battery storage. The product range of solar PV inverters covers the full power spectrum for systems ranging from single-family homes to multi-megawatt solar parks. Since 1999, the Neckarsulm-based company has supplied over 900,000 inverters with a cumulative output of 20 gigawatts. KACO new energy was the first company in the photovoltaic industry to produce its inverters CO2-neutrally. In 2024, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 2014, the company celebrated the 100th anniversary of the original parent company, which was one of first ever inverter manufacturers back in the 1930s. More at 


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