Despite shortage of electronic components

Delivery capability ensured

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We continue to supply you
to the usual delivery times
from our warehouse in Germany.

Currently, supply bottlenecks are the order of the day in many areas of the industry due to the shortage of electronic components. If you are looking for products for the construction of solar PV systems, please get in touch with us: blueplanet string inverters and blueplanet gridsave battery inverters from KACO new energy are available at the usual delivery times.

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Here you can contact us directly on the subject of lead times and availability.

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What you can expect from us

As Installer Apply online for warranty extensions up to 20 years + Quick installation with enclosed connectors + Configuration possible directly on the inverter or via PC + Central grid and plant protection without additional section switches + System monitoring via blueplanet web app + NEW: Detailed system design with blueplanet PV-designer

As Distributor Competitive portfolio + Complete product range of string inverters + New 1-phase inverters from 3 kW + Exclusive partner program + New exchange service for many European countries + Made in Germany

As EPC Reduced CAPEX costs through Virtual Central approach of string inverters + Commissioning support + Additional operations and maintenance services + KACO new energy a subsidiary of Siemens AG