Optimize energy efficiency. Increase self-consumption.

Leaflet HEMS – blueplanet edition

Your ideal Home Energy Management System.

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Leaflet HEMS – blueplanet edition

A revolutionary solution designed by Consolinno energy GmbH to provide comprehensive accessibility and intelligent control for your PV power plant with KACO new energy's inverters. This compact device not only facilitates seamless integration of blueplanet string and hybrid inverters but also opens up possibilities for sector coupling through versatile interfaces and connection options. Transform your home into a smart energy system effortlessly managing consumption, production, and storage.

Experience the next level of control with the inclusion of the Leaflet HEMS - blueplanet edition. This feature grants you real-time access to a dedicated local network configuration and monitoring app, securely storing all energy consumption and production data throughout the device's lifespan. What's more, you can conveniently monitor this data remotely, free of charge, through the same app.

This cutting-edge solution not only ensures the utmost convenience but also empowers residential users of the KACO portfolio to achieve remarkable sustainability and substantial cost savings. Elevate your energy management with KACO's innovative technology.

Technical Details

  • DIN Rail Housing
  • RS485 & RS232 connections
  • 2x changeover contact relays
  • 2x normally open relays
  • LAN/ Ethernet connection
  • USB-c slot
  • 8 GB Standard internal memory for lifetime data storage

Sus ventajas de un vistazo


  • Self-consumption boost by intelligent control of consumers
  • PV optimized EV-charging, PV surplus management
  • Soon: Dynamic electricity prices


  • Expandable compatibility multiple EV charging manufacturers (wall boxes) and various brands of heat pumps via SG-ready
  • Ability to use various types of interfaces


  • Mixed operation is possible with your already existing installations
  • Guaranteed compatibility with future KACO new energy inverters



  • Real time energy flows monitoring via Consolinno APP
  • Enhanced data privacy by local data storage for the lifetime of the system
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