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blueplanet hybrid 6.0 NH3 – 12.0 NH3

Hybrid inverters for residential and small commercial battery storage and solar PV systems: 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 / 12.0

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blueplanet hybrid 6.0 - 12.0 NH3

The blueplanet hybrid NH3 are unique: Their new design is unmistakable and the possibilities incomparable. The four hybrid inverters offer outputs between 6 and 12 kilowatts for small battery storage systems in homes and businesses. They are designed for both emergency power and black start - for the highest level of reliable solar power supply.

Intelligent sector coupling

The hybrid inverters can be expanded with the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) "Leaflet HEMS - blueplanet edition" from Consolinno. It has been specially adapted to the blueplanet hybrid NH3 and ensures further optimization of self-consumption.

Switchable loads, such as an AC wallbox for electric vehicles or a heating element for water heating, are automatically switched on at the most suitable time: This creates genuine sector coupling, as surplus electricity is not fed into the grid but consumed on site.

Innovative monitoring, secure data storage

The new "blueplanet smartcloud", which was developed in collaboration with Siemens, sets new standards in remote monitoring. The monitoring cloud combines convenient functions with the highest security standards when accessing the stored data.

The hybrid inverters can be configured conveniently via an app. This also provides a local view of the battery storage system. The fast update rate detects load fluctuations and fluctuations in photovoltaic generation almost in real time.

Flexible and scalable PV integration

Thanks to the flexibility of 2/3 MPP trackers, the blueplanet hybrid NH3 are ideal for PV installations with differently inclined roofs. In combination with blueplanet NX3 solar PV inverters from KACO new energy, even additional roof areas or existing PV plants can be easily integrated and used for battery charging - an unprecedented adaptability that enables seamless scaling and expansion of existing systems.

Vos avantages en un coup d'œil

  • Easy-to-connect battery and smart meter interfaces
  • Compatible with high-voltage batteries
  • Full rated output in battery mode
  • Emergency power and black start capability
  • 2/3 MPPTs for flexible PV system design
  • Ready for bifacial and high power PV modules
  • Superior oversizing capabilities and shade management for higher yields
  • User-friendly App for set-up, commissioning and real-time monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and secure data transmission with new blueplanet smartcloud
  • Open home energy management system available for sector coupling
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