KACO sensors

If you want the best information you need the best equipment.  KACO offers reliable and accurate temperature and irradiance sensors to pair with your monitoring hardware.

KACO sensors
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KACO sensors


Ambient Temperature Sensor


The PT1000 ambient temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature. The sensor measures the ambient temperature using a PT1000 measuring resistance. Temperatures between –50 and 50°C are converted to voltage values between 0 and 10 V.  Click here to view the ambient temperature sensor specification sheet.


3 and 4 String PV Combiner


The KACO comBINE combiner solution makes PV design with the blueplanet inverters easier and more flexible than ever before.  Click here to view the combiner specification sheet.


Irradiance Sensor


The solar sensor is used for professional monitoring of a photovoltaic system. The measured irradiance can be used to determine the expected yield of a photovoltaic system, which can then be compared with the actual yield.  Click here to view the irradiance sensor specification sheet.


Module Temperature Sensor


The module temperature sensor is used by professional PV plant operators to know the temperature of the modules installed in the array. The module temperature sensor converts this reading into a voltage signal. This signal is sent back to the monitoring device. This information is then displayed via the proLOG or the blueplanet professional web portal.**  Click here to view the module temperature sensor specification sheet.




These devices are specifically designed for use with the KACO proLOG .*


* not for use with the watchDOG communication card


* not available with standard web monitoring pack