Important information about new inverter software

Since the end of November 2017, KACO new energy has been providing inverter software with a version number from the 4.xx range.

Important for specialised staff and technical personnel: With software version 4, the updated feed-in guidelines in Italy (CEI 016/021), Austria (TOR D4) and Thailand (PEA) are now fulfilled. Devices in systems that are already in operation enjoy inventory protection. Feed-in guidelines of other countries are not affected! As an end customer, please contact your installer.

The new 4.xx software is available for the following inverters:

  • blueplanet 15.0-20.0 TL3
  • blueplanet 50.0 TL3 INT
  • Powador 60.0-72.0 TL3 (production date from Q4-2017)


Please note that devices that are to be operated in Italy, Austria or Thailand must be provided with this update before commissioning. Please make sure that you use the appropriate update instructions for updating the inverters.

Inverters delivered by KACO new energy after calendar week 45, 2017 are equipped with the latest software version. However, we recommend that you check the software version before commissioning.

Improvements and new features included in the 4.xx software

  • New and modified country settings for Austria, Italy (CEI 016/021), Japan, Jordan (JO-G59/3 and JO-G83/2), Thailand (PEA)
  • Extended functionality of the web user interface (WEBGUI)
    • P(U), "Power Ramp-Up" and "Cos-phi (P) settling time" configurable by remote access
    • Support for downloading service log data
  • Cloning of inverter settings via USB to other devices
  • Extended island network detection method for Japan


Adapted manuals, application notes and certificates are also saved under > Downloads on our website. These files can be found among the documents of the corresponding inverter.