• New battery inverter

    The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S is a bidirectional battery inverter with an output of 50 kilowatts for commercial and large-scale storage applications.

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  • Decentralised MW solutions

    Optimise the total cost of ownership of PV power plants from 1 megawatt upward with our all-in-one packages.

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  • Centralised MW solutions

    Turnkey inverter containers for world-wide use in solar parks from 2.2 megawatts upward.

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  • The best of both worlds

    The Central Power String Solution (CPSS) combines the best features of centralised and decentralised PV system layouts.

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News, 20. February 2018

Battery inverter for commercial and large energy storage systems

With the blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S battery inverter, system integrators have great freedom in the choice of battery technology, the connection to the higher-level energy management system and the size of the battery storage.

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News, 15. February 2018

New 3-phase inverters with 3 and 4 kVA

In addition to the six larger inverters from 5 to 10 kVA, customers can now also plan with the new blueplanet 3.0 TL3 and 4.0 TL3: a handsome selection of inverters for residential PV systems and for small commercial applications.

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Let's meet

Renewable Energy Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Establishments

Presentation to members of the Ghana Institution of Engineers in partnership with DENG Limited: Accra (Ghana), 20. February, 6pm - 8pm.


Important information about new inverter software

Since the end of November 2017, KACO new energy has been providing software with a version number from the 4.xx range for the following inverters: blueplanet 15.0 TL3, 20.0 TL3, 50.0 TL3 INT, Powador 60.0 TL3 and 72.0 TL3.

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