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The good news first: our blueplanet solar PV inverters and battery inverters are available at the usual delivery times. A shortage has occurred due to high demand in the electronics industry, caused by the boom in the battery and e-mobility sectors. You have probably already heard about - or even been affected by - the resulting supply bottlenecks.

At KACO new energy, we have been prepared and the assembly lines are rolling. Read on to find out more about:

  • which advantages you can expect from us if you are installer, dealer or EPC,
  • which string inverters for large solar power plants have recently come onto the market,
  • how we serve the market for residential PV plants with new single-phase inverters.

What you can expect from us

As Installer Apply online for warranty extensions up to 20 years + Quick installation with enclosed connectors + Configuration possible directly on the inverter or via PC + Central grid and plant protection without additional section switches + System monitoring via blueplanet web app.

As Distributor Competitive portfolio + Complete product range of string inverters + New 1-phase inverters from 3 kW + Exclusive partner program + New exchange service for many European countries + Made in Germany

As EPC Reduced CAPEX costs through Virtual Central approach of string inverters + Commissioning support + Additional operations and maintenance services + KACO new energy a subsidiary of Siemens AG

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