Inverters and system technology for commercial and industrial PV

Saving energy costs and reducing the CO2 footprint are important issues for enterprises: A solar PV system is both an effective measure and a visible sign. With its flexible inverter solutions KACO new energy serves all types of commercial self-consumption of solar energy – from solar carports to solar facades. Applicable regulations, for example for fire protection or grid management, can be taken into account at any time. 

Be prepared for everything

  • Simple implementation of measures for surge protection
  • Remote-triggered DC disconnects "fireman's switches"
  • No AC cables on the roof due to suitable DC combiners
  • Cost-effective solutions for reactive power as well as grid and system protection
  • Inverters with integrated data logger and web server for convenient monitoring
  • Complete monitoring, park control and energy storage on request

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Product image of the PV Inverter blueplanet 92.0 TL3

blueplanet 92.0 TL3

The blueplanet 92.0 TL3 is a transformerless, 3-phase string inverter for roof-mounted PV systems as well as ground-mounted solar parks. Groundbreaking technology makes the inverter the first choice for solar power plants with 1500 V as well as 1000 V PV modules.

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Pre- and After-Sales Services

Planning and design have a fundamental impact on how well your solar power plant will run: On request, our experts from Power Plant Solutions assist you in finding the optimum system layout. High-quality, practical training courses provide you with in-depth knowledge about our products. And for comprehensive after sales services, you can pick from the following Operations & Maintenance modules:

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Rather put your energy into solutions for your customers. Meanwhile, we support you to put the energy supply of your company on an economic and future-oriented footing.