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blueplanet CPSS 1500

Inverter systems for utility-scale PV plants up to 6.3 MVA with 1500 volt technology.

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Product image of the string inverter system blueplanet CPSS 1500

The perfect balance

The well thought-out concept gives you a clear picture of both the favourable investment costs (CAPEX) and the extremely low and predictable expenditures during operation (OPEX): A blueplanet CPSS 1500 with an output of 6 MVA replaces logistics, material and labour costs for four conventional transformer stations with a single 20-feet steel container; and string inverters with over 99 percent efficiency ensure above-average yields and very high system availability.

Everything from a single source

The blueplanet CPSS 1500 consists of the following components:

  • blueplanet 125 TL3 inverter
  • Inverter mounting rack (optional)
  • blueplanet Argus DC-Combiner, optionally with string monitoring
  • Pre-assembled blueblock container with low-voltage switchgear for direct connection of the inverters, medium-voltage transformer(s), medium-voltage switchgear

Os seus benefícios num piscar de olhos

  • Inverter system for PV projects with 1500 volt technology
  • System consulting, Turnkey delivery
  • String inverters for maximum efficiency and availability
  • Compatible with all commercially available monitoring and park control systems
  • Lean maintenance concept
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
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