Intersolar Europe 2018: full speed ahead into the next phase of energy transition.

New products from KACO new energy for economical photovoltaics, energy storage and grid stabilization.

Neckarsulm, 4. June 2018 – With the success of renewable energies, energy transition is facing new challenges: competitiveness with other energy sources, the storage of electricity and securing grid stability. As a pioneer in photovoltaics since 1998, KACO new energy will be presenting suitable innovations at Intersolar Europe 2018 in Munich from 20 to 22 June at Stand 230 in Hall B3: With the blueplanet 125 TL3 string inverter for 1500 V modules and the CPSS system solution, the Neckarsulm-based company has its sights set on the cost-effectiveness of solar power plants; the blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S battery inverter enriches the market for commercial storage; and requirements for grid management can be implemented with the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly reactive power inverter.

blueplanet 125 TL3: 125 kVA string inverter for PV projects using 1500 volt technology.

The blueplanet 125 TL3 3-phase string inverter

The blueplanet 125 TL3 is KACO new energy's first inverter designed for 1500 volt modules. It is also the first inverter to incorporate silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. Thanks to this technology, the inverter weighs less than 80 kilograms at a full 125 kVA: a high power density, especially since the inverter allows for an oversizing of its AC power by 1.5 times.

The efficiency of 99 percent and the wide MPP range of 875 to 1300 volts underline this high performance. The blueplanet 125 TL3 handles heat and cold over a wide temperature range of -25 to +60 °C – and is the only inverter that enters a performance derating at as late as 55 °C.

A free mobile app ensures modern, wireless commissioning. During operation, the inverter can be serviced conveniently and remotely.

CPSS (Central Power String Solution)

With the CPSS, KACO new energy has designed a system solution that combines the advantages of both centralised and decentralised plant configurations.

The CPSS consists of the following components: blueplanet 50.0 TL3 inverters, optional inverter mounting rack, blueplanet Mini-Argus 50.0 DC combiners and pre-assembled 12 or 20 foot blueblock container-cabin with low-voltage AC distribution board, medium-voltage transformer and switch-gear.

The direct current from the solar modules is transported from the DC combiner via DC cable to the respective string inverter. All string inverters are installed in a central location in the solar park. AC cabling is only necessary from there to the neighbouring blueblock container.

The CPSS based on the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 is supplied in standard sizes 0.6 MVA / 0.8 MVA / 1.0 MVA / 2.0 MVA / 2.5 MVA. And soon to become available: the CPSS 3.0 and 6.0 based on the blueplanet 125 TL3 higher power inverter with 1500 V input voltage.

The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S battery inverter

The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S is a bidirectional battery inverter with an output of 50 kilowatts, and KACO new energy is specifically addressing system integrators with this inverter. These solutions support public utilities, distribution system operators, EPCs and large businesses in grid management in balancing generation and loading of power networks.

The battery inverters can be operated in parallel on the DC side. This allows several inverters to be connected to a single high-capacity battery. To this end, the inverter is also compatible with different battery types.
The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S can also be connected in parallel on the AC side in unlimited numbers. The size of the storage system is therefore scalable according to requirements for decentralised applications up into the megawatt range.

By releasing stored energy during periods of high energy demand, the battery inverter regulates energy peaks. By charging and discharging the batteries, it also helps in grid management, either to compensate for reactive power or to provide additional active power.

The blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S is controlled by a supervisory energy management system (EMS) via Sunspec Modbus TCP. This widely used interface enables compatibility with a large number of such control systems and the battery inverter can easily meet individual requirements in the design of the storage application.

The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly reactive power inverter

Larger power generation plants are increasingly obliged to assume grid management functions. This includes the provision of reactive power. So far, one had to invest in a large compensation system. But now, with the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly reactive power inverter, KACO new energy presents a slim-line solution.

The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly is integrated into the system on the AC side and supplies reactive power day and night. The number of inverters is scalable and depends on the extent to which grid management is required. The reactive power inverter can be used in both new and existing plants. In both cases, direct control by the network operator is possible via the corresponding interface.

If the reactive power inverter is intended for use in solar power generation systems, it works together with KACO new energy string inverters as well as with third-party products. Plus: By using the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly, the solar inverters are not forced to reduce the active power in order to deliver reactive power at the same time – thus protecting the photovoltaic operator from yield losses.

About KACO new energy:

KACO new energy, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inverters for grid-feed solar power. The product line-up covers the full power range, from single units designed for a family home up to complete systems for solar parks producing megawatts of electricity. Since 1999, KACO new energy has supplied inverters with a cumulative power output of 12 gigawatts. This offering has been extended to include solutions for PV self-consumption and energy storage, devices for grid management, as well as products and value-added services for utility-scale projects. KACO new energy is the first company in the photovoltaic industry to achieve CO2-neutral production. In 2014, the family-owned company celebrated the 100th birthday of the original parent company which, at the end of the 1930s, was one of first ever inverter manufacturers. More at


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