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blueplanet hy-store

The intelligent energy storage system for the self-consumption of solar power in homes and small businesses.

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Your independence call

With the solar storage system from KACO new energy, you can store excess solar power from your PV plant in batteries during the day - and use it yourself whenever necessary. In this way you can increase your self-consumption enormously and declare your solar independence. The system reliably supplies you with energy even in the event of a power failure or as a stand-alone system.

KACO new energy supplies everything for your solar storage system from a single source:

  • Hybrid inverter
  • Lithium iron phosphate high-voltage battery
  • Mains changeover switch and consumption measurement

Adaptation artist

The hybrid inverter can be combined with several batteries to adapt to your energy requirements - even in existing installations. With the help of intelligent energy management, other energy sources can be integrated, as well.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Off-grid capable, Parallel mains operation
  • Modularly scalable, Ready for retrofit
  • Control of further energy sources possible (coming soon)
  • Highest system efficiencies even at partial loads
  • Low self-consumption