The best of both worlds.

blueplanet CPSS 1000

Turnkey inverter system for large solar parks with 1000 volt modules.

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blueplanet CPSS 1000 with blueblock container, inverter rack and DC combiner

With the blueplanet CPSS 1000, KACO new energy has designed a system solution that combines the advantages of centralised and decentralised system designs.

Short distances

The direct current from the solar modules is transported from the DC combiner via a DC line to the respective string inverter. All inverters are installed in a central location in the solar park. AC cabling is only necessary from there to the neighbouring blueblock container.

Turnkey inverter system

The CPSS consists of the following components:

  • KACO new energy string inverter
  • Inverter mounting rack (optional)
  • blueplanet Mini Argus 50.0 DC combiner
  • Pre-assembled 12 or 20 ft. blueblock container with AC low-voltage distribution, medium-voltage transformer, switchgear

Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexible design for various plant sizes
  • Powerful through multiple MPP trackers
  • String monitoring solution not required due to use of string inverters
  • Compatible with all available monitoring and park control systems
  • Much lower downtime losses and hence faster return on investment
  • Easier, faster and cheaper service possible

Spring for the CPSS

Güssing, Austria: In April 2018, we commissioned this 1-megawatt solar park. It is one of the first systems using the blueplanet CPSS 1000. In Güssing, we have added AC combiners to the turnkey solution.

Watch video for more details about the project

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