The inverter for any case.

blueplanet 92.0 TL3

Solar PV inverter for large roof-mounted as well as ground-mounted solar power plants.

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Product image of the PV Inverter blueplanet 92.0 TL3

The blueplanet 92.0 TL3, just like the blueplanet 87.0 TL3, opens up the state-of-the-art technology of the blueplanet 125 TL3 for large solar roofs. This includes the highest efficiency among all comparable inverters thanks to novel semiconductors made of silicon carbide (SiC).

For all PV modules

You can operate the inverter in roof-mounted systems on modules with 1000 volts and for ground-mounted installations on modules with 1500 volts. For commercial and industrial solar roofs, it complies with the current regulations on electromagnetic compatibility: The DC-side EMC protection allows installation in or on buildings.

For a safe investment

Another new feature is the ability to protect both the AC and DC connections as well as the communication interfaces against overvoltage. The PID set is another optional feature that helps to safeguard your solar investment. A standard feature is the protection against corrosion by salty air near the sea.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimized for PV modules with 1000 V and 1500 V
  • Highest efficiencies thanks to innovative SiC semiconductor technology
  • Surge protection for AC/DC connections and communication interfaces (optional)
  • Special properties for extreme climatic conditions
  • Lean commissioning and maintenance via remote services