Decentrally into new dimensions.

blueplanet 150 TL3

Solar PV inverter for decentralised, ground-mounted PV systems up to multi-megawatt solar parks.

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blueplanet 150 TL3 - Inverter for utility-scale solar power plants

Your benefits at a glance

  • String inverter based on the award-winning technology of the blueplanet 125 TL3
  • Optimized for solar power plants on the medium-voltage grid and with 1500 V technology
  • Unique power density of >1.9 kW/kg for simplified logistics
  • Surge protection for AC/DC connections and communication interfaces available
  • Special properties for extreme climatic conditions, PID set optional
  • Lean commissioning and maintenance via remote services
  • UL-certified

The look inside

The blueplanet 87.0 TL3 to blueplanet 165 TL3 are the first commercially available solar PV inverters based on a topology employing silicon carbide (SiC) power transistors. The results are the best efficiencies in the industry and a surprisingly low weight. For you, this translates into cheaper logistics and easy installation – as well as highest returns. And that doesn't even begin to cover all the benefits: Let our new video take you on a tour through the unique highlights of the inverters and the many more features under their hood.


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