Good for the wallet. Good for energy transition.


Targeted self-consumption of solar energy.

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Priwatt - Targeted self-consumption of solar energy.

With our Priwatt function for controlling self-consumption you can make use of the electricity generated by your own solar PV system yourself. In that way you become more independent in terms of energy supplies and are taking the next step towards the energy turnaround. Free of charge and pre-installed in all inverter models up to 50 kVA.

Simple, systematic self-consumption of solar power

Priwatt is an interface in the inverter which enables electrical appliances to be controlled automatically. You can configure the necessary settings in a few easy steps via the inverter display.

How can I profit from self-consumption?

Above all, Priwatt can be used economically to generate heat, to activate appliances which are needed when solar irradiation is higher, or to charge batteries. Obvious examples of use are therefore:

  • Heating pumps
  • Hot water tanks
  • Pool filtering systems
  • Air-conditioning
  • Irrigation systems

Your benefits at a glance

  • Use the solar energy generated on your own rooftop yourself
  • More independent energy supplies
  • Reduce electricity and heating costs
  • Simple configuration via the inverter display
  • Standard in all inverters up to 50 kVA
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