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Powador 39.0 TL3 - 72.0 TL3

Solar PV inverters for large solar roofs and multi-megawatt solar parks.

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Product image Powador 39.0 TL3 - 72.0 TL3

All inverters in this product family come in three variants. On the M variant with one input per MPPT, a DC switch is integral. Variant XL offers you:

  • Integrated DC switch
  • 4 string inputs per MPPT
  • Fuse protection on DC positive inputs
  • DC surge protection device, type 1+2 on each MPPT input

XL-F is equipped with additional fuse protection on DC negative inputs.

Inverters with 3 MPP trackers

The inverters operate using three separate MPP trackers that can handle both symmetrical and asymmetrical loads to allow for optimum adjustment for complex setups. Three MPP trackers can also compensate for mismatches between modules, such as those resulting from temperature differences and uneven solar radiation or shading.

Rising and setting with the sun

The input voltage window of all units is extremely wide: the inverters generating from a 250 V startup voltage, and continuing to feed in down to 200 V. Even in the lower power ranges, the units have a very high partial load performance, operating at 95 % efficiency at just 5 % rated power.

Your benefits at a glance

  • 3 MPP trackers and wide MPP range for flexibility in system planning and dealing with shadowing
  • Versions with overvoltage protection, 12 string inputs and fuse protection for the DC inputs
  • Graphical display, multilingual menu and pre-configured country settings for easy operation
  • System monitoring via integrated data logger with web server

The rooftop solar park

Castle Donington, UK: England's largest PV installation on a single rooftop is located at the Marks & Spencer East Midland distribution centre. Installation company SBC Renewables chose 90 Powador 60.0 TL3 inverters; they feed the solar energy of the 6.1 MW array directly into the centreā€˜s power supply. At the 2015 Solar Power Portal Awards, the project won the "Commercial-scale rooftop over 250 kW" category.