PV system monitoring made easy

Data exchange and remote access with the integrated web server of KACO new energy inverters

Did you know that it is easy to "listen" into a PV plant? This is at least the case when it runs with solar PV inverters from KACO new energy. These are equipped with a web server that is suitable for monitoring residential and small commercial PV installations.

blueplanet 10.0 TL3

Solar PV inverters from KACO new energy, such as the blueplanet 10.0 TL3, allow for free and secure monitoring of small PV systems.

Direct savings

Solar PV Inverters from KACO new energy automatically save the following operating data on the web server:

  • AC power, voltages, currents
  • Internal temperature

Tracking current data and comparing it with historical information provides insights about the condition of the solar power plant.

Via a LAN cable, the data can be securely accessed at any time from the computer at home. In addition, PV specialists can make settings on the inverter via the web server – either during commissioning or later conveniently via remote access without an appointment on site.

If the decision is made against comprehensive system monitoring, the integrated web server offers a lean, effective alternative. It is available in all solar PV inverters ex works and at no extra charge – and saves the costs for the external data logger that would otherwise be necessary.

Free, remote monitoring

When evaluating data on a screen, it can be tiresome to stare at blank numbers. Monitoring portals can help here: The data is prepared in a clear and vivid manner. The web server in our inverters has an open interface for smooth connection to such portals. 

KACO new energy's own portal, blueplanet web, is available free of charge in the public version for PV systems up to an installed capacity of 100 kilowatts – and also comes as a free app for mobile devices.

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