New VDE application rules for systems on the low and medium voltage grids

KACO new energy prepares inverters for April 26

The new German VDE application rules have their origin in the European Network Code "Requirements for Generators". The aim is to prepare the energy system for the increasing feed-in of renewable energies. To this end, decentralised generation facilities such as solar PV and storage systems are increasingly being used for grid support.

The required ancillary services include above all: 
•    Dynamic grid support, meaning that systems remain connected to the grid in the event of short-term voltage ups and downs
•    Supply of reactive power depending on the voltage (Q(U) control)
•    Increased supply of active power when there is not enough power in the system and underfrequency occurs.

The revised VDE-AR-N 4105 applies to systems on the low-voltage grid up to 135 kW. The new VDE-AR-N 4110 applies to systems on the medium-voltage grid from 135 kW to 36 MW.

The deadline is 26 April 2019. Anyone who has obtained a building permit or submitted a grid connection request to the grid operator by then can still erect their plant as before: retrofitting or recertification is not required.

Where adaptation to the new VDE application regulations was necessary, the corresponding measures were incorporated into the product development of KACO new energy. You will find the necessary certificates on our website from the deadline at the end of April.

Since no hardware is affected, inverters from KACO new energy can also be retrofitted by means of a software update.

More information on VDE-AR-N 4105

More information on VDE-AR-N 4110

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