blueplanet Ultraverter System

Simple. Strong. Universal.

The blueplanet Ultraverter system combines the best features of DC-optimizers, string and micro-inverter technology in one advanced concept. Due to a newly designed control system, multiple low voltage AC inverters can be connected in series up for a standard 240 Volt, split phase utility connection. It is the ideal solution for residential PV plants.

blueplanet Ultraverter System
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blueplanet Ultraverter System
blueplanet Ultraverter System


Fully integrated and with no additional cost or hardware, the Ultraverter system is compliant with Rapid Shutdown (NEC 690.12) and AFCI requirements. Using industry standard cables (UL 600 V / PV Wire) and connectors (Amphenol H4), the system eliminates the trunk cable and there are no hidden costs per module, termination or logistics costs when adding or subtracting units to a string.

Gets to the bottom of your total cost of ownership

The low voltage blueplanet ultraverter 250 inverters are the core of the Ultraverter concept and maximize the energy output on each PV panel. At 97.5% CEC weighted efficiency, higher yields lower total cost of ownership (TCO). System designers using blueplanet ultraverter 250 lower the cost of acquisition, by ‘Power Packing’ the roof top and putting the maximum peak capacity on all surfaces, despite shadows or obstructions.

"Simplify, simplify"

The patented Ultraverter control technology allows for series AC connections, in which the same three stock keeping units (SKU) of Ultraverter hardware enable system sizes from 2 kW AC to 9 kW AC, radically reducing distributors’ inventory risk and simplifying installers’ installation process. The blueplanet ultragate delivers comprehensive monitoring and remote updating features; the blueplanet ultrablade is the key to convenient scalability of the system


  • AC system
  • Easy plant design and installation
  • Highest up-time
  • Intelligent power balancing mitigates loss from shading or soiling
  • Low voltage operation
  • Self-healing system
  • Compliant with NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements
  • Wi-Fi as standard data logger interface
  • Standard 25 year warranty for blueplanet ultraverter 250

Further information

Winner of an innovation prize at the "30th Photovoltaic Solar Energy Symposium" in Bad Staffelstein, Germany.
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