500 kW - 550 kW, XP500 - XP550 U-TL

Transformerless Inverter Technology

500 kW - 550 kW, XP500 - XP550 U-TL
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500 kW - 550 kW, XP500 - XP550 U-TL
500 kW - 550 kW, XP500 - XP550 U-TL


  • High efficiency: 96% CEC efficiency - generate fast return on investment
  • Variable speed fans: No unnecessary cooling - decrease internal power consumption & increase uptime
  • Floating Point DSP: Reduce total harmonic distortion and provide more accurate AC power control
  • Variable structure PWM: Reduce IGBT switching losses by up to 20% when compared to other PV inverters
  • Complex MPPT algorithm: Dynamic MPPT accuracy during severe weather fluctuations
  • Full digital control: Total transparency of inverter functions - faster reaction time and increased uptime


  • Easy handling: Use a fork lift or crane; the XP100U fits through most standard double doors
  • Integrated DC recombiner: Configure inverter with 4 x 100A, 3 x 125A, 2 x 200A or 1 x 400A fused DC inputs
  • Pre-set parameters: Save time and labor cost - one step configuration with TFT color touch screen
  • Internal 24V power supply: Avoid extra cost of external power supplies for monitoring & accessories
  • Polycarbonate safety shields: Protect installation crews from high current / high voltage bus bars & connectors
  • Reverse polarity protection: Avoid potential damage to inverter caused by mis-wiring during installation


  • History: KACO has been manufacturing power electronics for more than 60 years
  • Experience: More than 3 GW of inverters worth more than $1 billion installed world wide
  • Redundant power supplies: Increase reliability and uptime - no single point of failure for fans and control boards
  • Power capacitors: Film capacitors are designed for the 20 years life of the inverter
  • Split architecture design: Power electronics are protected in a separate chamber
  • NEMA 3R enclosure: Includes stainless steel option for coastal installations
  • Surge protection (SPD): Remotely monitored SPDs on all AC & DC inputs for better preventative maintenance
  • Modular IGBT stack: Power devices, gate drives, and other critical components are integrated into easy to swap building block for fast maintenance and increased reliability