Planning and Design

Planning and design have a fundamental impact on how well your photovoltaic system will run over the years.


> Planning and Design

Commissioning Support

Commissioning support verifies the accuracy of the installation, confirms that the installed system is working to optimized performance standards, and is delivering precise communication data.

> Commissioning Support


Inspections ensure that each inverter's installation, its overall condition, and its surroundings are in line with the manufacturer's guidelines throughout the entire life-cycle of the PV plant.

> Inspections

Diagnostics and Repair

Diagnostic and repair services are designed to analyze and unravel the cause of each service occurrence quickly and reliably, in order to improve the inverter's productivity, efficiency and longevity.

> Diagnostic and Repair

Preventive Maintenance

Investing in the right set of preventive maintenance procedures is the right way to ensure long-term financial benefits, and get the highest performance from the inverter.


> Preventive Maintenance

Warranty Management

KACO new energy has been in business for 100 years. Our warranty management procedures are as solid and reliable as our strong position on the global PV market.


> Warranty Management


KACO new energy monitoring systems introduce a quick and easy way to review the inverter’s performance through systematically gathered data.



> Monitoring

Uptime Warranty

Uptime warranty services bring the certainty of reaching short and long term operational and financial goals, through reliable energy production.


> Uptime Warranty

Replacement Parts Management

KACO new energy certified parts are available on a worldwide basis, which allows us to fulfill any service intervention needs with accuracy and efficiency.

> Replacement Parts Management


By providing comprehensive service training, KACO new energy delivers a continuous learning platform to certified technicians and electricians.


> Training

Customer Service

Knowledgeable customer service teams advise our clients with passion and diligence in their day-to-day phone and online assistance, and during on-site service interventions.

> Customer Service