Powador XP500 - XP550-HV TL indoor

Extremely powerful. Extremely flexible.

The Powador XP500-HV TL and XP550-HV TL are solar PV inverters with AC powers of 500 kVA and 550 kVA.

As transformerless units, they offer extremely efficient, flexible solutions for centralized designs of commercial and utility-scale solar power plants.



Powador XP500 - XP550-HV TL indoor
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The central inverters of the Powador XP series feature a unique power electronics control that increases the switching efficiency of the power transistors:
depending on the momentary input power, one of several pulse-width modulation methods is used. The results are 98.7% inverter efficiency and higher yields from your PV system.

Protecting your investment in large-scale solar power plants

Highest uptime of the Powador XP500-HV TL and XP550-HV TL is guaranteed by a secondary backup power supply for the control board and a sophisticated cooling system. Permanent control of all of the PV system’s critical components is granted by convenient monitoring via the internet. The error tracing function reports the inverters’ potential error statuses immediately and guarantees rapid localisation of the source of the error.


These central inverters excel with a very user-friendly, digital interface. It allows convenient operation without requiring any additional equipment. A clearly structured TFT LCD color touchscreen shows detailed operating data in several languages.



  • Load-adaptive, pulse-width modulation for increased efficiency
  • 98.7% efficiency


  • Transformerless
  • Conform to the German Medium Voltage Directive


  • Digital interface with touchscreen
  • Continuous, remote monitoring